Animal Cell Diagram Labelled with Its Different Parts

Cells which are the basic structural and functional units of animal tissues and organs are known as Animal Cells. Animal Cells are also eukaryotic cells like plant cells which means unlike prokaryotic cells, animal cells have membrane-bound organelles suspended in the cytoplasm and enveloped by a plasma membrane.

The size of the Animal cells ranges from a few microscopic microns to a few millimeters. The shape of animal cells also varies with different types of animals and their gene structure. For example some are flat, others oval or rod-shaped. There are also more intriguing shapes such as curved shapes, spherical shapes, concave shapes, and rectangular shapes.

In this article, we are going to see the Animal Cell Diagram with its different parts. This labeled diagram of animal cell will help you to easily understand the internal structure and the location of each part.

As you see in the above diagram, the animal cell has the following parts,
  1. Cell Membrane
  2. Nucleus
  3. Nuclear Membrane
  4. Centrosome
  5. Lysosome
  6. Cytoplasm
  7. Golgi Apparatus
  8. Mitochondrion
  9. Vacuole
  10. Micro Tubules
  11. Golgi Vesicles

Most of the animal cells are diploid which means their chromosomes exist in homologous pairs. Different chromosomal ploidies are also known to occasionally occur but the proliferation of animal cells occurs in a variety of ways. In instances of sexual reproduction, the cellular process of meiosis is first necessary so the haploid daughter cells or gametes can be produced. Two haploid cells then fuse to form a Diploid. This Diploid zygote develops into a new organism as its cells divide and multiply.

Plasma Membrane is a very important part of a cell. All living cells have a plasma membrane that encloses their contents. In prokaryotes cells, the membrane is the inner layer of protection surrounded by a rigid cell wall. But in the Eukaryotic animal cells have only the membrane to contain and protect their contents. These membranes also help to regulate the passage or movement of molecules in and out of the cells.

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